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CitizenPlane was created in 2017 by 4 founders: a charter broker, 2 entrepreneurs and a tech expert. We soon opened offices in the center of Paris and started working in the French market. Our team soon started growing and our business started expanding to Europe.

In 2020, CitizenPlane is now an international, English-speaking team of 20+. We have decided to become a remote-first company, with a meeting space in Le Sentier, Paris.

The airline industry is a complex market: we love finding simple solutions to difficult challenges. We believe in automation and scalability. Our goal is to remain a team of responsible individuals using their talent to make our business smart and people-independent.

We work with more than 300 tour operators in over 30 countries, and our inventory of 400,000+ flights is distributed on more than 120 OTAs and metasearches.

Open positions

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