Generate incremental revenue from your available inventory

CitizenPlane acts as a marketing carrier for distressed inventory. We re-market your leftover air content on competitive routes to increase your load factor.

Incremental revenue

We help you make additional sales on unsold content.

A new customer segment

Sell to opportunistic travellers who look only for the best price, not a brand.

No dilution

Use our brand to attract passengers who might not have flown with you.

Make the most out of your unused inventory

Maximise profit by offering double pricing on highly competitive routes.

Do not change your existing yield model

Keep selling full price to maximise profits while distressing the unsold content via CitizenPlane.

Use CitizenPlane only when needed

Only use our tool on a specific set of dates and routes, without creating any trackable pattern.

Enjoy our fully automated solution

CitizenPlane is 100% PSS-agnostic and connects directly to your preferred inventory tool.

Trusted by many

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