Travel agencies : how does CitizenPlane's content bring value to your business?


If you are an (online) travel agency, then you most likely know what fierce competition means. If not, have a look at your favorite metasearch website and see the numbers of global and local OTAs competing for qualified leads. But how do these OTAs differ from each other?

Well, obviously there are two main differentiation strategies: a unique pricing system driven by algorithms, as well as innovative technologies and practices (virtual interlining, bundle capacities, membership programs...). To stand apart with attractive fares on underserved/saturated routes, CitizenPlane offers access to an exclusive air inventory of +500,000 seats, mainly coming from tour operators' unsold seats.

Attractive fares

The rise of low-cost and ultra low-cost airlines, the domination of metasearch engines, or the unbundling of airline services - there are clear signals that ticket fare is still one of the main triggers to generate sales.

At CitizenPlane, sourcing attractive fares is one of our strengths. Based on 2019 data, the net fares we provide to OTAs are on average 28€ cheaper than similar flights. As a result, it has proven a very good fit with our existing partners on their metasearch acquisitions - it allows them to compete on various routes and dates with lower prices than the competitors (or with extra margins).

We believe this lower-priced content will help you turn price-sensitive leads into customers.

Exclusive leisure routes

Despite all changes the industry has been through over the last months, one thing remains: travel demand during peak season drives up the prices - and seats are becoming scarce on the busiest roads. CitizenPlane can help you address this lack of supply with exclusive content of both scheduled flights (80%) and charter flights (20%).

We offer additional and guaranteed seats on +100 different airlines, with an evident focus on leisure destinations. As our team is constantly working to get more and more seats to sell, the O&Ds of CitizenPlane are ever-evolving.

Exclusivity also means offering direct flights where competition does not exist. Ever heard of the sandy beaches of Banjul? No suitable flight to Corfu or Skiathos? CitizenPlane selects the finest partners of the tour operating & charter industry to provide you with unique content in terms of routes and dates.

Content shaped for the OTAs business

Taking into consideration OTAs' needs from day one, we have developed a convenient product for the distributors: cheap fares, exclusive air content, seamless technical integration, monitoring dashboard and dedicated customer support.

From the experience with our current OTAs partners, here are a few tips and tricks we would like to share :

  • CitizenPlane's product is simple and transparent - we send net fares and OTAs add a markup on top of it.
  • 80% of our content is sold one-leg by the OTAs. The content is very well-suited for one of OTAs’ most competitive advantage: bundling.
  • We distribute seats from airlines specialized in the leisure market. Be ready to update your airlines' database with new names & logos.

If you like to know more about the way CitizenPlane’s content brings value and generates extra sales for OTAs, our Distribution Team will be happy to assist.

Visit our website or reach out to Lucas ( with your questions.