The market-leading empty seat sales solution

Instantly make your airplane tickets available on all major online distribution channels like Skyscanner, Kayak, eDreams,, etc.

Tour operators, we can help you

Reduce your empty seats, increase your seat-only sales and improve your negotiation position with airlines.

Make your seats more visible

CitizenPlane sells your seats through online travel agencies and metasearch websites in more than 120 countries.

Manage your inventory

You can increase or decrease your stock on CitizenPlane at any time - it’s all real-time.

Free of charge

CitizenPlane adds a markup fee to the net seat price and we make money only if you make a sale!

800+ Tour operators are already using CitizenPlane

We manage an inventory of + 16,000,000 seats


Seats are selling well, which is good, and to be honest it doesn’t take us long at all to load the flights.

Der Touristik

We consider CitizenPlane as a big success.


Very impressive! And all this during just one week end. One word: WOW!

Balkan Holidays UK

Summer 2019 is over for us and we were impressed with the volume of flights sold through CitizenPlane.

How it works

You can use CitizenPlane manually via our online platform or we can establish direct connections with your inventory.

Create your flights on CitizenPlane

Use the website interface, use a csv file import or connect via API.

Sell your seats online

Your inventory is available on all major travel websites instantly.

Wait for those bookings!

Our top partners generate a multi-million euro turnover through our platform.

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