Our purpose

Each year worldwide, airplanes take off with 20% of their cabin empty: that means 1 billion seats. At CitizenPlane, we believe there is a smarter way.

Solving a market inefficiency

At CitizenPlane, we address the airline industry's inefficiencies by making sure planes take off full. This way, the volume of airplanes that need to take off can be reduced.

There are 3 main reasons why seats take off empty

  • Tour operators charter millions of aircraft or buy millions of seats from regular airlines in advance, in order to sell those within travel packages. A huge part of those seats are not used
  • Some airplanes take off empty to move from a point to another, without taking any passengers
  • An airline's fill rate is rarely 100% because of the law of offer and demand.

Our solution

At CitizenPlane, we have developed a tech solution for both airlines and tour operators to ensure those seats are offered to travelers all around the world, at an interesting price. We take care of those travelers, from the moment they purchase their ticket until they get on the plane. Our customers receive an amazing service, whichever airline they are flying with.

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Work at CitizenPlane

We are always looking for new talents. CitizenPlane being a remote-first organisation, you can apply from anywhere. Just check our job offers on our dedicated page below: